Listing FTP content from Powershell

I found a function online that I modified to better suit my needs. You can see the original here.

I modified the function to allow it to be used non-recursively if so desired. I also had to delete line 25 from the original for it to work properly in Windows 10.

I use this function to find the latest Adobe Reader EXE file available on the Adobe FTP Server.

Function Get-FtpDirectory {
	Param (
		[parameter(Mandatory=$False,Position=1)][Alias("Username")][string]$User = 'anonymous',
		[parameter(Mandatory=$False,Position=2)][Alias("Password")][string]$Pass = '',
		[parameter(Mandatory=$False)][switch]$Recurse = $False

    # Credentials
    $FTPRequest = [System.Net.FtpWebRequest]::Create($Directory)
    $FTPRequest.Credentials = New-Object System.Net.NetworkCredential($User,$Pass)
    $FTPRequest.Method = [System.Net.WebRequestMethods+FTP]::ListDirectoryDetails

    # Don't want Binary, Keep Alive unecessary.
    $FTPRequest.UseBinary = $False
    $FTPRequest.KeepAlive = $False

    $FTPResponse = $FTPRequest.GetResponse()
    $ResponseStream = $FTPResponse.GetResponseStream()

    # Create a nice Array of the detailed directory listing
    $StreamReader = New-Object System.IO.Streamreader $ResponseStream
    $DirListing = (($StreamReader.ReadToEnd()) -split [Environment]::NewLine)

    # Close the FTP connection so only one is open at a time

    # This array will hold the final result
    $FileTree = @()

    # Loop through the listings
    foreach ($CurLine in $DirListing) {

        # Split line into space separated array
        $LineTok = ($CurLine -split '\ +')

        # Get the filename (can even contain spaces)
        $CurFile = $LineTok[8..($LineTok.Length-1)]

        # Figure out if it's a directory. Super hax.
        $DirBool = $LineTok[0].StartsWith("d")

        # Determine what to do next (file or dir?)
        If ($DirBool -and $Recurse) {
            # Recursively traverse sub-directories
            $FileTree += ,(Get-FtpDirectory "$($Directory)$($CurFile)/" -Recurse)
        } ElseIf ($DirBool) {
            # Add the output to the file tree
            $FileTree += ,"$($Directory)$($CurFile)/"
        } Else {
            # Add the output to the file tree
            $FileTree += ,"$($Directory)$($CurFile)"

    Return $FileTree

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